Bujinkan Carroll Dojo
Welcome to Bujinkan Carroll Dojo, Dublin, Ireland.

Shihan Dave Carroll and Shidoshi Rob McDonnell train with Noguchi Sensi at the school of Soke Hatsumi in Japan

Bujinkan-Ninjutsu is a traditional Japanese martial art which has evolved into an modern and practical form of self defence. Bujinkan Carroll Dojo is affiliated with the school of Soke Maasaki Hatsumi in Japan and is under the guidance of Shihan Dave Carroll.

Students co-ordinate technique, balance and body movement to defend themselves from both unarmed and armed encounters. Strength and agility are not prime requirements so this is an ideal self defence for men and women of all fitness levels.


Updated: 31st January, 2014

We have a new website & photo gallery under construction with select shots from various activities over the years. Anyone with photos can upload them to the facebook album and we'll transfer across.
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Club T-Shirts
Anyone who who wants to buy a club t-shirt please speak with Janina or Rob.

Beginners Welcome
We have had a lot of recent queries in relation to beginner's classes. If you are interested in trying out some classes or wish to join please drop into our Thursday class at Aughrim Street, Dublin 7 or email your query to us.

UCD students/staff can drop in anytime to training on Tuesdays in UCD Sports Centre (Hall B).
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